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All events are held at The Sanctuary
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Exploring Relationships and Sexuality

4 weeks ON-LINE course. Starts Monday, Aug 14, 2017
$60 per person. 
RSVP by Aug 12

Here's how it works:

All who sign up will be emailed 2 times per week. Each email will contain a video from me, assignments, educational readings, and homework intended to help you sort yourselves out and to practice what  you've learned. Emails will come out on Mondays and Thursdays. You can work on the material at your own time. 

When you sign up, you will get an email from me with some questions, which will help me know a little about you and make sure your needs and concerns are addressed throughout the course. Please, respond to the email when you receive it. 

In addition to the on-line course, those who sign up can get in-person support either at my office or via Skype/Viber/WhatsApp on as needed basis. Each such appointment will be $65 per person/ $95 per couple (Reg. $95 per person/ $120 per couple) and will only be available for the duration of the program. 

Topics covered:
Qualities of Healthy Relationships
Relationship Structures and Sexuality. 
Self-Identity and navigating differences. 
Setting boundaries.
Maintaining Eroticism and Excitement in long-term relationships
Working with changing life circumstances, changing expectations and needs
Challenges of cultural differences and generational gaps.
Stress management, self-care
Making physically and psychologically healthy choices about sex
Healthy romantic attachment 
Effective communication. 

If you are interested in a private consultation, please email me or call me at 805-909-1401

If you prefer to pay with a check,
please mail your check to:

Valentina Petrova
PO Box 177
Morro Bay, CA 93443

Please, include a note telling me what you are paying for. 

You will receive a call/confirmation from me. 
Email  Val