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I am a passionista - passionate about learning, passionate about people, passionate about exploring, passionate about life. I love the complexities and meanderings of relationships, creativity, and self-expression, breaking molds and dispensing with conventions. 

I am the person you call when you want to feel 
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Idea Parties / Idea Team Information

Idea Parties are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at Valentina's house. 
Please, email Valentina to get the address. 

July 20 at 6:00 pm until it ends.
Aug 17 at 6:00 pm 
Sep 21 at 6:00 pm
Oct 19 at 6:00  pm... etc.

Idea Parties make everyone's dreams come true!! Yep, they do!! Come and see for yourself!

Usually, they are 12 - 15 people. Yes, you can invite a friend, but make sure Valentina knows. Email her or share the Facebook event with your friends and RSVP there. 

What happens at an Idea Party?

Arrive on time at 6:00! This is a potluck and so, bring something to share - food or a drink. Vegetarian or vegan, please!
Eat, drink and meet each other informally.  At around 6:45 we will open the floor to share dreams and idea.

Every person who wants input from others will have 10 min to state two things:
  • What's your wish? and
  • What's your obstacle(s)?
And get brainstorming feedback from the audience about overcoming said obstacle(s).  Showing up to the party does not mean you HAVE to have an idea. You can simply pass and be a contributor to other's ideas. 10 min only! The kitchen timer will be on. So, if you want the floor, PREPARE ahead of time! Be concise and clear! And this will leave the most time for input from others! 

NO SALES! No product pushing! No MLM. Nada! Zero! You will be asked to leave immediately. 

After all who wish have presented their ideas, we move on to hanging out some more, eat dessert, talk about each other's ideas and connect further with the people we want to. It's a party after all!!! 

Yes, we will ask you, at the next party, how far along you are with your idea and what feedback you've incorporated. This could happen formally or informally, so be prepared to fudge and exaggerate your accomplishments and hide your procrastination, but we'll eventually find out when we see that you are still right where you started!!! 

Yes, you can take the stand at all parties and use up to 10 min to source ideas from the audience for your next step(s). 

Yes, we want to see your dreams come true and help you get there because we are all awesome human beings who derive great satisfaction from the joys of others! We are all there for each other as friends, partners, and accomplices in your adventures and escapades!

If you think you are a bad ass alone, wait until you see your badassness grow with the support and help of others!