Who is Lulu

Lulu is my doggie. 12 pounds of fur, fun, and love. I’ve never owned a dog. I’ve never committed to a being in my life. So, in addition to this being a new experience, it’s also grounding, educational, and bringing about lots of personal growth. Lulu is a Shorky – a mix of Shih Tzu and a Yorky. Smart, playful, affectionate, and too cute to be left alone. I do spend more time than I should, playing with her. In the process, I am learning about myself, about the world, and about relationships.

Lulu has inspired all sorts of strange behavior on my part. To read about our adventures together, things we do, things we learn, things we recommend, things we eat, and in general to follow the Raising Lulu Journey, go to her/our blog at RaisingLulu.com



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